January 13, 2020


What can we provide for you?


Our wedding package comes with everything! We won’t sit here and nickel-and-dime you for every piece of equipment or element added. Expecting enough sound to fill your room so everyone can hear? Done. Microphones for speeches and toasts? Got it. Uplighting and fun effect lighting? It’s there. And it’s all part of the sale.

When you submit a quote request, the research begins. We take a look at your venue to see what’s needed and we fill that order- no additional cost. Every event, space, and venue is different, so our equipment rigs are built in a modular fashion so when we arrive to your wedding, we fit to the space to create a full effect. Rest assured that your investment in us comes with knowledge, experience, professionalism, and most importantly: piece of mind. We work with you in the time leading up to your big day, always there to provide you with help and suggestions as you need.